Sad Truth Behind JIO Prime Membership
Sad Truth Behind JIO Prime Membership

The Sad Truth Behind JIO Prime Membership – Explained In Detail

JIO Prime Membership Plan Explained In Detail: Jio has been stunning the common people right from the month of October when it decided to give 4G data for free for three whole months. And the stunning news extended even more as the offer was extended to 31st March 2017 after which the JIO Prime Membership offer or the JIO welcome offer came into notice. Now all this was at first deemed to be something of a publicity stunt but as the days went by, Jio really started showing his effects and it gained numerous customers so far. This is because all wanted to use unlimited data and voice calling for free for months- and that is when Jio skilfully dropped its JIO prime bomb. There are two categories in this prime option. It can be activated with INR 99, and the privileges can be enjoyed till the 31st of March and that is the one time plan that can be availed. But the other plan suggests that INR 303 has to be given in a monthly basis so that you can get the privilege of an unlimited voice call, data, texting and a lot more.

All this might seem pretty amazing right?

But there is a sad truth that is yet to be revealed- and that itself is the catch of the JIO Prime. This is because of the fact that the plan might sound to be unlimited one, but it will not be unlimited at all. The users will be given 1GB per day after which the speed will be brought down to 128kbps– and it might also cut off a charge. So the users have to be very careful while running their applications. Here the word unlimited means 30GB of data for 30 days and that too in an evenly distributed manner so that the individual cannot use any more than the rendered data per day. There will be a warning given through SMS to the user when the data usage is high- so that is a good thing.

Another thing that is bothering the users is that it is not possible for everyone to afford INR 303 every month- which makes the JIO prime offer an enviable one for the customers as well. Many are saying that this plan might make JIO lose a lot of customers in the long run as well.

Things You Need to Know about JIO Prime

Let us know about the people who can be the JIO Prime Membership members:

Mukesh Ambani recently declared the fact that the people who have been listed under the first 100 million customers of Reliance Jio will be enrolled to be eligible for the Prime membership. Also, the people who are registering themselves and getting a JIO SIM card can also avail the membership facility as well. This is a very witty plan that has been brought forward by the Reliance group but the fact is that the days of using the 4G data in a free manner is over.

The benefit of the plan is that it is the kind of plan that makes the calling free since the calls are connected over the data. So if you see the offer as a combined one, the charge is not that high. So you could also have yourself registered in the online as well as the offline manner to get the Jio Prime services.

Is it a trap to gather customers by saying only the 100 Million Customers will get hold of the JIO Prime Membership offer?

Well, it is not a trap, but it is definitely a smart marketing strategy to pull the customers and it has been brought into effect by the Reliance Group. This is because by encasing a number, people are being lured in so that they can remain in the 100million customer zone so as to get the lifetime privilege. But this is not a plan for the light users as because they will not be able to complete their quota of 1GB per day and that would mean their money going on a waste- which is not at all desirable. So this plan is definitely not for all and people should think before registering themselves.

Apart from the Prime plan, there are other Jio Tariff rates as well that can be used up.

At first, the JIO prime offer might sound simple, but it is not. One has to register by giving INR 99 within 1st March to 31st March and then the monthly charge is INR 303. But then again it gives a lot of complimentary applications which are worth a try– and JIO promises to give attractive deals and offers every now and then like it has been doing so far.

Though there is a sad truth behind the JIO Prime Membership service, yet it is not at all unworthy and there is no harm in giving it a try.

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  1. That’s a great offer from Jio.
    Compare it any WiFi service, and you’ll find it too tactfully placed!

  2. I used it almost a year for free and Yes it is not upto mark service as 4G stated, Not better than 3G but since it is free for 10 GB I was paying 999 earlier, and I am sill going to continue to JIO 303 plan as still this is cheapest plan available in market.

  3. jio is very cheap. now one give you scheme like that before this all other company charged voice + data and my total bill become 400 to 500 now in this three months i have no requirement for any recharge.

    so all user go with jio don’t worry there is no hidden charges


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