Multi-domain SSL certificate aka UCC certificate or SAN SSL certificate is one of the populated certificates among those SSL seekers who want to save huge cost on SSL purchase along with secure multi-domain under a single roof of web security. When you have large organizations or business or numerous domains and worry about securing them then you have a perfect solution called Multi-domain SSL certificate. Let us see how multi-domain works.

SAN SSL Certificate
SAN SSL Certificate

UCC / SAN SSL Certificate –  A Single Certificate to Secure Multiple Domains

How Multi-domain SSL works?

When you have multi-domain SSL certificate that is issued for that can secure your other domains such as,


Multi-domain SSL Perfect for Exchange Servers:

UCC Exchange Server SSL is a perfect choice to secure exchange servers (2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016) and its related services like mail, webmail, Outlook, Live Communication Server, and auto-discovery. This type of certificate can secure all mail and OWA services in single SSL. Multi-domain (SAN/UCC) SSL generally comes with default pack (up to 5 domain license) that most Certificate Authority or SSL Resellers offer and besides it, you can purchase the additional domain (SAN) by paying little amount.

Features: Many other features make multi-domain SSL worth considering for web security.

Multi-domains security: Multi-domain SSL secures up to 100 SANs/domains under the single certificate that makes it famous among organizations and website holders. You can add different domains anytime before the certificate expires. It reduces the requirement of getting individual SSL certificate for every single domain.

Strong Encryption: Multi-Domain SSL Certificate has equipped with strong 256-bit encryption guard that binds information between the server and the browser. Moreover, the certificate comes with 2048-bit root encryption that strengthens security against brute force attacks.

Warranty: Many SSL providers offer the warranty against is an issuance of multi-domain SSL so you will have web security and financial security on your website. Customers can feel relaxed when they get the idea of dual security.

Quick Issuance: Multi-domain follows domain validation process and it can be issued within few minutes so there is no requirement of any legal document or business registration documents. The certificate only verifies domain ownership and it is easy for SSL seeker to verify it.

Highest Compatibility: Multi-domain SSL bears the highest compatibility with almost mobile and desktop browsers, OS and servers. Your browser will not throw a warning when customers visit your website. You can install the same SSL on multiple servers.

Easy Certificate Management: Single multi-domain SSL allows easy and effective certificate management. The server admin can manage all included domains in single SSL so renewal and expiry will never be missed and customers enjoy encryption on your website without facing SSL warning.

Find your cheap multi-domain SSL:

Many providers you will find in SSL industry but if you want to get it at cheapest price then you should once Browse Cheap SSL Shop for Cheap Multi-Domain SSL Certificate. The price range starts from $30/yr. and so on. You can grab a chance of Comodo and GeoTrust multi-domain SSL that are popular brands in SSL market. You will have domain validation as well organization validation types of a certificate in multi-domain SSL class.


At Finale: If you want to secure your multiple domains under single security shelter then multi-domain SSL is at your hand. Do not miss this cheap SSL solution, as you may not find another affordable solution for your website security.

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