When employees’ motivation and engagement start to fade out, their performance decreases which lead to undesired result- inability to meet the business goals. In such situations, all businesses search for the best solution.

In recent years, we have witnessed an immense increase in enterprise gamification use, the trend that has transformed businesses and helped them thrive.

Some of you might be already familiar with the trend, but for those who are not, here’s a post to learn everything about enterprise gamification, its benefits, and the reasons for your company to embrace it.

What is Enterprise gamification?

Enterprise gamification refers to the use of game elements, such as awarding points, badges, levels of achievement and leader boards, in a workplace to keep employees engaged and motivated so they can improve their performance and productivity at work. These game elements make people become addicted to playing games, and when applied and used correctly, employees no longer have repetitive and boring tasks, but each one of them becomes entertainment.

Gamification is not a game

Many people confuse the two terms. No, gamifying your work environment doesn’t mean your employees will play games to be motivated to do a task and keep them engaged. Gamification only uses key game elements to drive the desired behavior of employees.

An example of enterprise gamification

When there is a task to be completed, each employee’s performance will be tracked and the results will be shown on the leaderboard that gamification software of your choice provides. Each employee is awarded points for his/her performance. This creates a competitive environment as everybody wants to be the best, or at least improve results with every new task. Gamification helps recognize employees with excellent performance and provides an awarding system. When an employee knows his/her hard work is acknowledged by managers, they stay motivated and engaged. The rewarding system is created according to a company’s desires. How you’re going to reward your best workers, it’s up to you.


What happens to those with poor performance results? Well, each employee’s performance is tracked, as mentioned above, and they receive real-time feedback on a daily basis to help them improve. Most gamification software solutions provide specially designed courses that employees can use when and where they choose to learn new skills that will help them perform better. These courses often contain quizzes, fun videos and audios, and help employees not only get short-term knowledge but actually retain what they’ve learned.

The right choice of gamification software

It is not enough to just gamify your work environment. Choosing the wrong software will not bring the desired results and will not have a positive effect on your employees and productivity. What needs to be considered are the needs and goals of employees and a company.

There is a wide range of gamification software solutions available on the market today. What might work for an IT company, does not necessarily mean it’ll work for some others. Each software solution is designed for a specific company profile. Before you choose one, make sure you do research and find reviews of previous customers to see how it worked for them. Once you find the right software, you’ll have a team of customer support that will help you gamify your work environment and enjoy its benefits.



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