Real-time bidding is one of the concepts of the online advertising sphere. It is a complex term, which is connected with the supply- and demand-side platforms as well as with ad exchange and advert networks. All of the above deal with purchasing and selling advert space.

RTB uses programmatic technologies, such as cloud-software platforms and special algorithms to quickly sell/purchase ads. Thus, it is possible to avoid errors, eliminate paperwork, and make the process of purchase at a larger scale easier.

The complex system of RTB unites advertisers, data providers, publishers into a universal system. As a result, the advertisers can purchase the ad at the lowest price, while the publishers can sell it at the highest price. There is also no need to work directly with the partners, negotiate prices and traffic of the adverts. There exist special exchanges with a wide range of sites offering ad space RTB advertising network – for the other advantages of RTB, it is possible to mention:

  • accurate pricing
  • the possibility to improve the marketing strategy
  • the increase of remnant space value
  • the better understanding of the audience (thus, the publishers can extend their most profitable segments and increase the demand)
  • the absence of risks (the inventory is very targeted)
  • protection (the adverts won’t be shown on the restricted resources)
  • private marketplaces (for the premium users).

RTB can also work with DSP system allowing optimizing the campaigns, selecting budget, connecting the users to the major resources, finding prioritized sites, marking the blacklisted resources, etc.

Real-time bidding is applicable to the advertising campaigns of any sizes and budgets allowing finding the right audience at the right time and context with real actionable data.


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