Whatsapp New Status Update Feature
Whatsapp New Status Update Feature

Have you checked out the Whatsapp New Status Update Feature?

I am sure you have. And you might also have seen all the changes that the new update has brought forward. This is because of the fact that the new Whatsapp looks a lot different than the other one and that is the reason why many people do not like it even one bit.

Today we are going to discuss, regarding the Whatsapp New Status Update Feature and why it is not so good to have them as well. So let us get a brief overview about what Zuckerberg changed that seemed not so acceptable at all.

Do you think the Whatsapp New Status Update Feature is good?

New WhatsApp Status Feature
New WhatsApp Status Feature

The New WhatsApp Status Feature:

Okay! that is something new, but that is not something that we expected in the Whatsapp zone. In fact, we loved Whatsapp for the kind of simple thing that it was and that is what made it different from all the other chat options like Snapchat and so on. But the new one-day status thing is totally not going to be good on Whatsapp. That is because of the fact that anything that you post over there is definitely going to get seen by everybody that you have on your contact list- which is a very undesirable thing.To showcase simple aspects of your daily life WhatsApp story might be fine, but when it comes to promoting something on a larger scale, then its better to go with Instagram or Youtube. There you would have to promote your content at first an there is a fierce competition between youtube marketing companies which are helping people grow their channel by getting views on them through legal methods. And all of them are rather expensive. Hence the feature on a WhatsApp story might not be a useful addon for the application until and unless one just likes uploading everything they do to show their friends.

We cannot understand why all of a sudden Whatsapp had to copy from Snapchat when the users were perfectly happy with the prior setting.

The status is not the only thing that has changed so far. This is because of the fact that it has opened the forum for a number of advertisers and businesses so that the marketing could be done in the best possible manner. Many people who are not so tech-savvy and they made use of this Whatsapp in order to just Read and Send Messages but this is the change that has made it a complicated one. It is just so obtrusive now that Whatsapp has lost its privacy charm – and that is the reason why many people are not in favor of the update in any manner.

Facebook and Instagram has been able to rake millions of dollars because of the posting photos and videos thing, and it somehow gave the idea that it was going to be the same with Whatsapp and thus the experiment- but it is clear that monetizing the application is not going to bring any positive feedback from the users. Already there have been a lot of criticisms against the fact that Whatsapp has changed a lot. In their defense, the Whatsapp spokesperson has talked about the fact that they have brought about all these changes so that the platform can be enriched and is not only stuck to a message reading and sending technology.

 We get the purpose of the changes, but what we do not get is why they change the format of the status.

Earlier on, there were perfectly okay statuses like ‘Available’, ‘Busy’, ‘At Work’ so people could know what was up in the other’s lives.

But now the status has to be given for a single day and that means every new day has to carry a new status.

What if the wrong status is uploaded by chance?

It might be possible that you are exposing your private life to the entire world – well at least those who are in your contact list. Now just imagine a situation when you upload your forbidden weekend trip pictures as a status and your plumber gets to know about the same. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing! So for the young and the elderly, nobody is liking the Whatsapp status update even for a bit.

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  1. Yes, the new feature is quite interesting, but I do not think it will fetch the same level of interest from all its users. Youngsters may be tilting more in its favour, however, it may be something not everyone would be interested. Moreover, the status you post will remain live only for 24 hours. I do not think many of us will be updating it everyday.


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