Wix Video: A Powerful Yet Simple App for Promoting Your Videos
Wix Video: A Powerful Yet Simple App for Promoting Your Videos

A video is considered the most effective medium for reaching out to your target audience with your message. It delivers the desired message through the audio-visual medium without getting your visitors to read through the content. The visual element further simplifies the explanation.

Wix Video: A Powerful Yet Simple App for Promoting Your Videos

If you are using the Wix Website builder to design your site, you can easily add videos to your website using the Wix Video app. This review explores the key features and benefits of using this simple yet powerful app for promoting your brand, products or services on your Wix website.

When it comes to adding videos to your website, product demonstration is probably the first thing that comes to mind. At the same time, there are dozens of other ways you can use videos for promoting your brand or products. With Wix Video, you will find everything required to add and showcase videos on your website with utmost ease. It is an easy-to-use app that can be installed and configured by anyone. Whether it is your portfolio, educational courses, any kinds of films or promotional videos, you can easily add it using this simple tool.

What does Wix Video Allow You to Do?

The video is considered as the content type with the highest level of engagement. So when you add videos to your website, it helps boost engagement and keeps your visitors on your pages for longer. Here is a list of what you can do using Wix Video app:

  • Add videos from your YouTube channel or Facebook account to your website. You can even add videos from your Vimeo channel. Another option is to upload videos directly.
  • Stream the videos on your website in the highest-possible quality. The quality difference of your promotional videos can make a huge difference in impact.
  • Sync your website with your YouTube channel so that the latest YouTube videos are showcased on your website too.
  • Optimize your videos effective rendering on both desktop and mobile devices. This will allow you to reach your target audience no matter what device they are using.
  • Wix Video also allows you to stream videos directly from your YouTube channel and Facebook account.

Wix Video also provides you detailed reports so that you can keep track of your videos’ performance.

If your website is specifically focused on selling videos, this app can prove to be just the perfect tool for you. It provides you with the options to sell videos, offer subscriptions or rent videos. And all this can be done through simple set up. Above all, Wix doesn’t charge you any commission for generating revenues from your site by selling or renting videos. This app also has the feature to display 360° videos from Facebook or YouTube.

Add Wix Video with Ease

Besides the above-mentioned features, Wix Video can also be used to organize all your videos to create channels. Adding the app is as simple as a few clicks. You can install this app from within the website builder when you are creating your website. The steps involved are as following:

  • Click on ‘add apps’ option from within the Wix Editor
  • Search for ‘Wix video’ and click on enter
  • Hover the mouse over the app
  • Click on the ‘add to site’ option

This will add the app to your site and now you can easily add videos or sync with your channels. You can also add the Wix Video player to your site, enabling your videos to run directly in your site. This video player can be added by following these steps:

  • Click on ‘add’ (from within the Editor)
  • Scroll down to look for ‘video’ and click on it
  • Click on ‘Wix video’ and it’s done

Promote Your Videos through Email Marketing

The Wix Website builder also allows you to set up your email campaigns by integrating your videos. You can create and run campaigns to:

  • Share videos directly with your target audience’s inbox
  • Promote any of your video channels
  • Send out newsletters featuring videos

You can also use Wix ShoutOut app for creating full-fledged email marketing campaigns.

The process of creating your email marketing campaigns by integrating Wix Video is simple. All you have to do is open Wix Video Manager and choose the options under “Email Marketing.”


Thus, Wix, not only provides you with a powerful platform for creating your website with ease, it also simplifies further functions of your site. You can create a feature-rich website that is packed with all the different features, including videos, to help you promote your products or services, or even to set up a website that offers videos as its products.

Wix Video is a simple yet powerful video promoting the app. It is available for free for everyone who designs their website using Wix. As already mentioned, anyone with basic IT skills can install and use it. Promote your YouTube videos or upload your videos to your website. You can also use it to run email marketing campaigns to reach out to your audience with your messages.

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