Killer Blogging Tips
Killer Blogging Tips

I am learning numerous Blogging Tips every day, today I am going to tell you Top 5 Killer Blogging Tips which you must remember during blog posting.

You need to write a blog post in such a way that

  • People should take interest in your blog post
  • They should share comments on your blog post
  • They should share your blog post in their socials media sites.

You are not writing a blog post for Google but you are writing a blog post for your readers.

You Must Remember 5 Killer Blogging Tips During Blog Posting

1. Write an Eye capturing blog post title

Every blog post depends on blog post title, you should always write Eye capturing blog post title while writing a blog post.

2. Write blog post for the people

When I had started my blog, I had planned to make a good amount of money from it, but i failed. I had no comments on blogs, no share, i used to focus on google search and SEO, still no use. Then i started to write for the people and it worked, i started to receive good comments on each blog post, good amount of share, money, people started liking my blog post. But today I have found many bloggers are writing a blog post on the same topic which was written by many other blogs, But i feel those who write for the people are stand out to be a successful blogger.

3. Use Headings and Subheadings while writing blog post

Use of heading and subheading is very important for SEO. People get attracted by seeing heading in a blog post.

4. Put an Image Including Title

Everybody knows a picture says more than words. You should always choose attractive pictures in your blog post, even while sharing on social like facebook and google plus you should use the same picture and also you need to include a title of your post. Remember a Good picture attracts people to your blog post.

5. Use keywords for better SEO

Use of keywords in a blog post is very important for better SEO to hit the huge traffic for your blog site. Use Google planner tool you can target Google search traffic for your site. You should always use keywords which are related to your blog post.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I’ve got so many ideas running through my head now – can’t wait to start putting these tips into practice! It’s really refreshing to read an article that actually provides thorough advice.


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