How to Apply Zoom Effect with Movavi Video Editor
How to Apply Zoom Effect with Movavi Video Editor

When you zoom in on part of a video everything in that area will appear bigger – which will make small details easier to see. At the same time, the viewers’ attention will be immediately drawn to the point that is being zoomed in on, making them focus on it all the more.

Applying a Zoom Effect with Movavi Video Editor can be tricky, but Movavi Video Editor will help smooth out most of the complicated parts. In fact, it will make it will make it simple and easy to Apply Zoom Effect with Movavi Video Editor by following these below steps:

How to Apply Zoom Effect with Movavi Video Editor

  • Before you can zoom in on part of a video, you first need to load that video into Movavi Video Editor. To do that just launch the editor and select ‘Create the project in full feature mode’, then click on the ‘Add Media Files’ and choose the video that you would like to edit.
  • When the video appears in the ‘Timeline’ area of Movavi Video Editor’s interface, you can click on it to select it. In order to apply the zoom effect you will then have to click on the ‘More’ tab located on the left, then select ‘Pan and Zoom’.
  • As you’ll see there are three options that you can choose from under this menu: ‘Zoom In’, ‘Zoom Out’ or ‘Pan’. Needless to say in this case you’ll want to select the ‘Zoom In’ option, click ‘Add’, then adjust the frame that appears in Movavi Video Editor’s ‘Preview’ window to indicate the part that you want to zoom in on.
  • Next, you should look at the ‘Timeline’ where you’ll see an arrow that has a start and end point – denoting the duration of the effect. If you want you can adjust the arrow by dragging the ‘keyframes’ on either end of it to the left or right. At any point, you can edit the keyframes in Movavi Video Editor by right-clicking on them and selecting the option that you want.
  • While that is all that you need to know to zoom in on part of your video, in some cases you may want to zoom out as well after you’re done. In that case, all you need to do is repeat the steps listed above but select the ‘Zoom Out’ effect instead. It is worth noting that you can zoom in multiple times in Movavi Video Zoomer if you want to. For more comprehensive instructions you could refer to
  • If and when you’re completely satisfied with the changes that you’ve made to your video, click on the ‘Export’ button. In the interface that appears you’ll see that Movavi Video Editor furnishes you with numerous options, and you can select the format that you want or use one of the built-in presets if you prefer. When you’ve adjusted the settings according to your needs, click ‘Start’ to save the video.

Instead of saving your video immediately, you may want to take advantage of Movavi Video Editor’s other tools and features. It will let you trim out unwanted parts, merge clips together, enhance the video quality, apply various special effects and filters, incorporate audio tracks, and more. As you can imagine it is worth exploring these features and acquainting yourself with them if you want to create more impressive videos.

Now that you know How to Apply Zoom Effect with Movavi Video Editor, Why not Try it out?

When you do you will undoubtedly see the impact that it can have, and will then be able to take advantage of that when you Zoom In a Part of a Video Using Movavi Video Editor.

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