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Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S5


51 thousand rupees for a Samsung Galaxy S5 which is biggest Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung hit an axe on their foot by pricing it so high. I have noted down Some Disadvantages of this S5 phone . Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S5:  Not worth the price! Samsung doesn’t maintain their ... Read More »

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    Why has the Samsung Galaxy S4 sold more than other Android phones?


    Why has the Samsung Galaxy S4 sold more than other Android phones? The impact created by the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 was unforgotten. Galaxy S2 was the best smartphone of it’s time, clearly outsmarting the competitors in all respects. Galaxy S3 was not all that great, but again, it was ... Read More »

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    What are the disadvantages of using WordPress?


    Security is the biggest disadvantages of using WordPress. But for the most part if you keep wordpress itself and all your plugins updated you’ll be fine. Also watch what plugins you use. Make sure any plugin you add to your site is an active project (last updated date) and is used ... Read More »

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    What is the future of WordPress?


    WordPress businesses like ours are among those invested in the future of WordPress. WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time Matt Mullenweg – Founder, WordPress. CEO, Automattic Jake Goldman – President and Owner, 10up ... Read More »

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    Why Google Plus is good for SEO


    Google Plus is good for SEO, most relevant content higher, therefore it is your responsibility to not only create high quality content, but (for your own sake) to help Google identify your content as high quality. Presence, and quality participation on Google Plus would help you achieve this and get ... Read More »

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    Why do app developers neglect Android and write for iOS?

    Why do app developers neglect Android and write for iOS

    App developers often neglect Android and write exclusively for iOS . Most people building an app want to make money from it. The numbers are pretty clear: you’re more likely to make money building an iOS app. Frankly, this is probably due to tradition. When people think apps, they think iPhone. The ... Read More »

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    How will Facebook use WhatsApp after acquiring it?


    Facebook says it plans Whatsapp to be at the center of communication. It would enable both communication within groups of people along with enabling brands to communicate with their fans directly (replacing email advertising). Now, the bigger question of why Facebook wants Whatsapp. Because, Whatsapp is disrupting the core value ... Read More »

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    Why did Facebook purchase Whatsapp for $19B ?


    Why did Facebook purchase Whatsapp for $19B ? Several reasons - WhatsApp was a threat.  Several user studies have shown that Facebook has been losing quality smartphone users to WhatsApp. There is a lack of overlap between WhatsApp and Facebook users. In the near future, it was assured to eclipse Facebook ... Read More »

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    What is the best way to learn Android app development?


    First of all try to understand the best way to learn Android app development in which you can be involved with Android Development What is the best way to learn Android app development? There is the App or Application (This could be an Application or a Game) This is fairly straight ... Read More »

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    Why is Android named as a Android?


    Android is Andy Rubin, the brains behind Android from it’s creation until last year. Before working for Google, Andy Rubin worked for Apple, where, a couple of his coworkers gave him the nickname Android back in 1989 because of his love for robots. The meaning of the term Android is “a robot with human ... Read More »

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