Financial Monitor Bookkeeping Android App
Financial Monitor Bookkeeping Android App

Tracking of the expenses, incomes, and the transfers made easy by Financial Monitor Bookkeeping Android App.

Financial Monitor app will provide you statistics for the fixed period in a various illustration that will allow you to reduce the expenses and to increase your savings.

Financial Monitor Bookkeeping Android App

Advantage of using Financial Monitor App:

  • It has very Simple and Awesome interface.
  • It is a Material Design
  • This App is Synchronize with a cloud.
  • It gives Customizable reports.
  • It also gives Planning of future operations.
  • We can Export data to Excel Format.
  • Financial Monitor App has Multi-language interface
  • This application is continually evolving and updating.

Potentiality of Financial Monitor App:

  • Track your expenses, income, and transfers.
  • Track your accounts (cards, the credits, deposits, etc.) with a display of actual balances on them.
  • The summary report for month, week, day in the form of the circular chart.
  • Custom currencies.
  • Custom categories for expenses and income.
  • Export your data in an Excel Format
  • Automatic synchronization of your expenses, income, and transfers data to Google Cloud storage.
  • Restrict access to the data for other users.
  • Restrict access to the Financial Monitor app by PIN code or Unlock Pattern.
  • Light and dark theme Design.

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