Improve Alexa Rank Quickly of your Website
Improve Alexa Rank Quickly of your Website

Improve Alexa Rank Quickly of your Website

Here are Points:

1. Use Alexa Extension in your web browser

2. Use Alexa widget in your website

You can check out nicely written Blog post by Harsh Agarwal from Shout Me How to Create Alexa Rank Widget for your Website

3. Increase your website traffic

Website traffic will improve when more visitors will be able to come on your site. So you need to make use of seo , sem, smm.

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4. Promotion of Blog Posts in Social Networking sites

You should always Promote Your blog post in Social Networking sites. I personally use Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus. This site will not only help you to get huge traffic but also helps to increase alexa ranking.

5. Update Your Blog Daily

I recommend you to Write blog post daily, if you Write blog post once in a Month it will surely decrease your alexa rankings.

6. Submit Your Blog in various Web Directories, Create Backlinks, Blog Commenting

You should always submit your site in various High PR web directories , Create best backlinks specially Do-follow Backlinks which will help you alot and also Post comments in Do-follow High PR blogs.

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Latest List of High PR Dofollow Commentluv Enabled Blogs

Final Words!

Try Out these are very simple Tricks to Increase your Alexa Rank Quickly. I have tried and it works. and i know all Bloggers do this.

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  1. Simple: get a handful of your friends to install the Alexa toolbar, visit your site, and leave a page or two open. Bingo, instant few million improvement.

    All kidding aside, I feel Alexa is useful as a general reference (trending vectors), but can be gamed much too easily to be taken as a serious metric Akshay.