Why No one Comments on your Blog post and How to Fix
Why No one Comments on your Blog post and How to Fix

No Doubt a blogger puts all his hard work writing a blog post for readers, and it all goes trash when he realize there is no comments on his blog post. This is completely foul and it fluster the blogger that his blog site is failing.

  • Are you frustrated with this problem?
  • Have you tried to understand Why No Comments on your Blog post?
  • why your blog post don’t get comments?

Now you have to ask a question to yourself

  • If it is Due to the Poor quality Blog post?
  • It it is Due to lack of traffic?

It’s very simple, you share comments on a blog post if that it is excellent and helpful.

Here in this Blog post, i shall help you to fix this issue

Why No one Comments on your Blog post and How to Fix

  • Is your Blog post Interesting?:

You can create a blog post that will inspire too strong emotions and response. Your readers would like to get motivated or challenged. If you will write in a challenging way, they will be moved to leave a comment as well. If you are to start a blogging then posting about same things what everybody else is posting, kindly think again because it’s a very bad idea. The Most popular blogs out there have got huge followings because they attempt something unique. So, do not promote your creativity which is already been done before, just get up with some original idea with good quality blog post which will help your readers, whether it’s through unique display, information, direction etc. Just make it interesting before you publish your blog post.

  • Turn off Captcha:

Word verification is captcha, I myself hate it. If I want to give comments any blog and suddenly if captcha word verification appear then i will not feel like to share comments. If I am really interested then I will try to understand those blur numbers, words and comment on the post but if I disappoint to add right captcha words then i will leave to comment on that post. I also knows that you don’t want spam comments on your blog, you can make changes in your blog ( Comment > Registered Users ) which means only registered users can comments on your blog. There are so many other alternatives to avoid spam that you could be using.

You should read this article: Stop WordPress Spam comments with my Pro Tips

  • Share Comments:

Keep one thing in mind that you have to get comments on your blog. In fact, commenting is all about marketing. If you don’t have anyone to read your blog, there won’t be anyone to comment about. If I wish to have blog comments on my blog, then I have to generate enough traffic by promoting my blog. Advertise your blog among your friends, Promote on social sites.

Read this article: which will teach you how to increase blog traffic

  • No community:

It feels bad when you don’t get a comment even if you are delivering a good quality blog post. Chances are you are a relationship with your readers isn’t really interested. You cannot build a good relationship with your readers until and unless you don’t figure out your community. In fact, a blogger must always read and comment on other blogs as well and also share their post in social media sites by tagging them. It will induce them to read and comment on your blog too.

  • Ask Questions:

Many times, readers like to be questioned in different ways and if you are not doing that, you might think about it again. This is very necessary to ask questions or reviews about the posts. This encourages the readers to give their own viewpoint on the topic. This will also produce a new conversation. I normally ask a question at the bottom of my posts because I want feedbacks from my readers on my blog tips, news, updates. You know what, it worked. People have started to deliver comments on my blog post. Try it out.

Hope this is helpful for you and if you try these things will help you to get more comments on your blog. Keep in a mind, this post doest not cover everything but if you make these changes in a right direction then you will increase user engagement plus traffic on your blog.

So what are your thoughts on the above subject? Have you ever tried above things to get comments? Comment Below



  1. Admin

    It feels terrible when you don’t get a remark regardless of the possibility that you are conveying a decent quality blog entry. Odds are you are an association with your perusers isn’t generally intrigued.


  2. hi,

    i have a getting much traffic but not getting any comment it’s always demotivating me now i will try your tips may it will help me.